Air Conditioning Installation

What to Consider When Buying a New Cooling System in Fort Wayne, IN

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a new air conditioning system for your Fort Wayne, IN home:

SEER Rating

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER rating, measures how well your unit cools compared to its energy use. The less energy used, the higher the SEER rating. The minimum rating starts at 13 SEER, and the highest rating is 24 SEER.

Proper Sizing

You can calculate the right size for your new air conditioner using several methods. However, the best way to figure out the proper sizing is to talk to your air conditioning contractor.

Noise Levels

If noise is an issue you wish to avoid with your new air conditioner, check the decibels (dB) rating. If you want a quiet unit, buy one with a lower dB rating.

Indoor Air Quality Add-Ons

Air quality add-ons can eliminate pet dander, dust, and other harmful contaminants. Redman installs a full range of IAQ equipment, including humidifiers, air purifiers, ventilators, and disposable air filters.

System Warranty

Protect your home from the cost of repairs and part replacements by ensuring that your new air conditioner is accompanied by a system warranty. If any issues occur within the designated warranty period, you’ll be covered.

Cost of Ownership

To ensure that you receive the air conditioner that best meets the needs of your home, we will design the system specifically for your home, while keeping your budget in mind. We will focus on providing you with the lowest cost of ownership and the highest quality of comfort.

Take Care of your New AC by Enrolling in a Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Our preventative maintenance agreement could save you a good deal of money in the long run. While new units are much less likely to need repairs than old ones, they can still break down if they don’t receive proper maintenance. If you enroll in our agreement, our experienced team will do checkups on your unit to make sure we spot a problem before it needs an expensive repair.

Waiting to have your HVAC system checked until there is a major problem could cost you. But by signing up for our preventative maintenance agreement, you will significantly lower the chances of a major problem developing.

Why Hire Redman for Air Conditioning Installation?

At Redman, we’ve been in business since 1947, so we have plenty of experience in providing air conditioning services to Fort Wayne residents just like you.

We always aspire to put our customers first. This customer-first approach is what allows us to provide quality services while putting you first.

We also provide our employees with ongoing training and accreditation to make sure they stay up to date with industry standards. This ensures you get the best care backed by the very best practices in the industry. It also assures you that your unit will get expert servicing backed by our Preventative Maintenance Agreement.

Additionally, Redman offers a 12-year Parts and Labor Warranty on all new Daikin systems. If any issues occur within the warranty period, Redman Services will work hard to make it right.

For further assurance, we keep up-to-date licensing with the Allen County Building Department as contractors. If you have any questions or concerns about our accreditations or previous experience, please feel free to get in touch with us. Redman to the rescue!

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