Can You Install a New Furnace Yourself?

There are many home improvement projects you can learn to perform yourself. Certainly, the proliferation of television shows, YouTube tutorials and even hardware store demonstration videos lead homeowners to care for and even improve their properties. This leads some homeowners to ask the question: “can you install a new furnace yourself?”

There are a number of factors that help homeowners understand when to do a project themselves and when to trust the highly skilled, trained and certified professionals at Redman Services. In the case of new furnace installation, you are likely to discover the risks outweigh the reward.

Redman Services provides comprehensive home services including heating, cooling, plumbing and indoor air quality for homeowners throughout Fort Wayne and the surrounding area. As a business committed to our community and the welfare of our neighbors, our team places a priority on honesty and integrity.

When to Consider Buying a New Furnace

As a furnace ages, many homeowners observe signals the system is breaking down. These include odd sounds, decreased performance, higher energy consumption, strange odors and, most commonly, frequent repairs. Repairs can quickly accumulate, and DIY repairs often do not consider the condition of your furnace.

When our team inspects a furnace for maintenance or repair, we provide a recommendation based on the overall condition of your heating system. The average lifespan of well-maintained furnaces is about 15 years. If your furnace is older than 10 years old or showing signs of malfunction, contacting our team is advised. We will take the time to provide honest advice and thoroughly answer your questions.

How to Choose a New Furnace

There are a number of factors to choosing the best furnace for your home. Redman Services trains on the latest technologies in gas furnaces. When our certified technicians evaluate your home for furnace installation, we consider the size of your home, the restrictions of mounting space and the goals of your family. If you are considering a DIY furnace replacement, first use these as guiding steps:

Matching a Furnace to the Size of Your Home

An improper installation often begins with the wrong furnace. If a furnace is too small for the square footage of your home and the design of your HVAC system, the results can be disastrous. Cold spots, high utility bills, furnace breakdowns and premature failure are all caused by improper sizing. Spending money on an oversized unit can also be wasteful both in upfront costs and long-term costs. Professional HVAC technicians train on the latest models and options from furnace manufacturers.

Mounting a New Furnace

The new furnace also needs to fit into your home. A furnace must mount in place of the old furnace. Safely measuring and mounting a furnace assures the system will run properly. There are safety risks and efficiencies to consider when mounting a new furnace. These risks include natural gas leaks, carbon monoxide, electrical connections and damage to the furnace.

Goals of Your Family

When homeowners consider installing a furnace, the primary goal is to save money. HVAC professionals go beyond this initial goal. Our team considers how to improve efficiency, lower energy bills and provide long-term comfort to your family. When considering how to save on installation labor costs, homeowners should also account for the potential long-term costs of amateur installation.

Risks of Installing Your Own Furnace

There are many risks associated with installing your own furnace. Because a number of these risks endanger the welfare of your family and property, Redman Services never recommends installing your own furnace.

Gas Lines

There is a very serious risk of leaks and even gas line explosions with all installations. Certified HVAC technicians are highly knowledgeable and vastly experienced in the proper methods of installing furnaces. This includes testing connections and verifying the safety of gas lines.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When furnaces are installed, the exhaust must vent safely from your home. The components including the burner, drain and heat exchanger need to be calibrated and installed safely for the safety of your family. When improperly installed, excessive carbon monoxide impacts the health of anyone within your home.


The furnace installation process includes mounting and fitting the new unit. This often involves installing new ductwork, adjusting exhaust lines and fitting drain lines. The average heating and cooling bills account for 29% of utility expenses. Calibrating HVAC systems including installing ductwork, sealing connections, adjusting furnace components and setting up thermostats reduces these long-term costs. The professional installation process maximizes energy efficiency and provides long-term savings.


Manufacturers provide warranty coverage against defects on new furnaces. These warranties require professional installation and maintenance. This means DIY projects void most warranty coverage.

Contact Redman Services for Furnace Installation Service

For homeowners considering a new furnace, Redman Services offers friendly, prompt and professional advice. The risks associated with installing your own furnace far outweigh the labor costs of professional installation. Building a relationship with our team demonstrates our commitment to your home’s values. From installation to maintenance and repair, we always act in the best interests of our customers. When you are ready for a new furnace contact Redman Services.