Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation Services in Fort Wayne, IN

Northern Indiana is no stranger to brutal temperatures during the winter. Using a reliable and properly functioning furnace in your Fort Wayne, Indiana home or business is a necessity. Freezing cold temperatures threatens the health and physical safety of your household. The icy elements of winter also freeze pipes and damage expensive appliances. Luckily, you have a Home Service Hero to protect your property. One call for help and we quickly deploy our team of certified and highly skilled technicians to install a new furnace in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area.

Signs That You Need Furnace Replacement

Furnaces may fail unexpectedly but often there are some tell-tale signs that make it obvious when it’s time to upgrade your HVAC products. Watching out for some of the most common indicators helps you know when to schedule a furnace replacement. 

Aging Systems

If a system is over 10 years old, the furnace unit may begin to lose performance. Sudden increases in energy usage may indicate leaks in the system or older components straining to produce heat to your home. Uneven heating throughout your home and cold spots often occur when furnaces age. If your system is older and you experience these issues, it’s time to call on Redman Services for a new installation. New systems are incredibly energy efficient and restore comfort throughout your home. 

Sights and Sounds

Visible signs of wear and tear on the outside of the unit, such as rust or cracks, are a clear indicator that something is wrong. Inside the furnace, soot build up and excess dirt may be warning signs of issues with the heat exchanger. Strange sounds like whistling, banging and clanging within the furnace are also reasons to shut down your system and call out your Home Service Hero as soon as possible.

Indoor Air Quality

An old or malfunctioning heating unit may end up causing problems with internal humidity regulation. If you notice that the air in your home is muggier than you would like, it could be a sign that your furnace is on its way out. Increased amounts of dust also indicate deterioration of the furnaces. Contact us today for great service that you can count on.

Frequent Repairs 

Every component on your furnace ages at the same rate. Repairing a major component on an older furnace may only provide a temporary fix to a larger issue. If you find yourself paying for repair services far more often than is reasonable, it benefits you to upgrade to a new furnace. You’ll likely end up saving money in the long run since you’d eliminate the need for further constant repairs.

If you’ve noticed your energy bills have been higher than usual in the past few months, it could be a sign that your furnace is losing efficiency. Calling on Redman Services provides an expert inspection and an honest assessment of your furnace. We offer complete repair options, maintenance advice or a replacement unit with greater efficiency.

Contact Redman for Furnace Installation

We know that installing a new furnace in your home is no small decision to make. That’s why Redman Services offers a 12 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on any new Daikin Furnace. Be the hero of your home and keep your family warm and comfortable all winter long with furnace installation services from Redman Services!

After installing your new furnace, we offer the Redman Hero Club to provide maintenance and care for your system for years ahead. Having a working furnace in the winter is absolutely essential for any Northern Indiana resident who wants to stay safe and warm during these harsh months. Luckily, Redman Services provides reliable furnace installation services in Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding areas that you know you can trust. If you’re ready to have a new furnace installed, or you need to have your existing furnace inspected or repaired, schedule service today!

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