Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair Services in Fort Wayne, IN

With summer at an end and autumn just beginning, cooler weather is on the way. Before long, you’ll have to crank up your furnace again for the year. Unfortunately, winters can be long in Indiana, and your furnace may stop producing heat at some point, leaving you with a mess to take care of and an urgent need to get in touch with a repair company.

Contact the experienced team of certified technicians at Redman Services – your Home Service Hero – for furnace repair services in Fort Wayne, IN, and the surrounding areas. We’ll get your equipment ready for winter and prevent your heating system from breaking down when you need heat most.

Signs that You Need Furnace Repair Services in Fort Wayne, IN

Your heating system breaking down is an obvious sign that you need to get it repaired. On the other hand, there are some signs that are less obvious that indicate you need furnace repair services in Fort Wayne, IN. 

Here are a few less noticeable signs that you need to watch out for.

Rising Energy Bills

If your electric bill has gone up noticeably without a known reason, it could mean your system needs repairs. This is because your system becomes less efficient over time, using twice the amount of electricity for the same amount of heat.

Ineffective Heating

A clogged filter is a common reason for ineffective heating. However, there are also more serious reasons for this issue, including a faulty thermostat. If your system won’t provide heating properly, make sure you call on Redman Services for heating services in Fort Wayne, IN, as soon as possible.

The System Short Cycles

Short cycling is when your HVAC system shuts off before reaching the desired temperature. Short cycling can also mean that your HVAC equipment shuts on and off too frequently. If you notice either of these problems, call Redman Services right away!

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