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What Is the Life Expectancy of a Heat Pump in Northern Indiana?

Many homeowners ask us what they can do to limit their carbon footprint. One solution is to swap out their old gas furnace and air conditioner and upgrade to a heat pump which doesn’t use fossil fuels. Instead of heating air, heat pumps move air from the outside, which uses less energy. But some people are still skeptical of heat pumps and are concerned about their life expectancy compared to a traditional furnace and air conditioner. 

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Heat Pumps Last Longer With Proper Maintenance

Furnaces tend to have a life expectancy of 15 years; heat pumps are about the same. However, there are many factors that affect a heat pump’s lifespan such as the manufacturer and the climate you live in. Homeowners only turn their furnace on in the winter and the air conditioning on in the summer. Since heat pumps heat and cool a home, they tend to run most of the year. These units work harder and still last just as long. 

However, the biggest factor when calculating the life expectancy of your heat pump is how well you are going to maintain it. Make sure you change your air filter every 90 days, or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, and follow other home DIY maintenance tips. It’s important to call a heat pump service company such as Redman to service your heat pump in the spring and fall. Staying on top of these services will keep your heat pump healthy. 

Heat Pumps Are an Efficient Choice for Home Comfort

Heat pumps are energy efficient because they transfer heat energy naturally to areas with lower temperatures and less pressure. Air is blown over an evaporator coil which transfers heat energy from the air to the refrigerant. The heat energy is circulated in the refrigerant to a condenser coil, where it is released and blows across the air as cool. The process is reversed when it is cold outside and you need heat inside. 

In colder climates, many have noted that heat pumps tend to be less effective than furnaces. Many people choose to have both systems in their house for extra cold days. Most heat pumps are only efficient when the temperature stays above 30℉. When it’s colder than that, the furnace kicks on. When combining heat pumps and furnaces, it is know as dual fuel. This ensures that you still stay warm in cold temperatures, but you’re still energy efficient for most of the year.

Need a Heat Pump Replacement?

If you think the life expectancy of your heat pump is coming to an end, you may need to consider getting a replacement. A big sign that it’s time to replace your heat pump is your electric bill. Over time, as your heat pump ages, it will become less efficient. Aging HVAC systems work harder and run for longer, using more energy. If you notice higher than normal electric bills suddenly, your heat pump could be the culprit.

As always, be sure to only trust a reputable HVAC company to service and install your new heat pump. Redman Services is a company you can trust. The residents of Columbia City and South Whitley know the man to call when your heat pump is causing you trouble. Call Redman, your home service hero! 

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