How Much Does it Cost To Put in Plumbing?

Plumbing describes all the pipes, valves and fixtures that control water entering your home and safely removing wastewater. As a full-service plumbing company, Redman Services understands most homeowners must first consider cost before starting new plumbing projects. Often homeowners endeavor to perform DIY projects that require plumbing installation and plumbing repairs. When you need to put in plumbing you should always consult with a professional plumber. This helps you plan a budget and assures the work will be done properly and safely for years to come.

There are a number of risks to consider when a plumbing project is attempted by a homeowner or non-professional plumbers. As a local company, Redman Services provides insight into the best way to work with our team when you need to install or replace plumbing so you save time, money and avoid possible disaster.

Risks of DIY Plumbing

Hidden under counters, walls and floors is an elaborate system that controls water. For any homeowner that has experienced a plumbing emergency when a pipe bursts or plumbing fixtures fails the damage to your property is rapid and devastating. Freezing weather, corrosion and clogs are some of the most common causes of plumbing emergencies. An uncontrolled surge of water into your home damages expensive property and often requires remediation to restore safety to structures and prevent risk of future mold growth and other water damage issues.

Plumbers work for years to gain the knowledge and skills to master the intricacies of designing a plumbing system. Clean water must be delivered safely and provide consistent pressure throughout your home. Waste water must be removed from your home to protect the overall health of your family. So even basic plumbing projects require a level of experience most homeowners do not possess.

While online videos and television shows make DIY projects that incorporate plumbing often seem reasonable and straightforward, many emergency service calls are directly related to DIY remodeling or home improvement projects. When the wrong material is used or plumbing pipes are incorrectly installed issues include:

  • low water pressure
  • standing water
  • leaks
  • non-functioning plumbing fixtures
  • flooding damage

Smart Ways to Save on Plumbing Costs

There is a simple remedy to saving money on plumbing costs. Before starting a project consult with a professional plumber. Working with a professional plumber, you can scope out the design to suit your project and budget, as well as create a schedule to align the needed professional plumbing with the rest of your work.

Know Your Limits

Every home project should first account for your level of experience, necessary tools and capability. These limits are individual. For instance, some homeowners cannot replace a lightbulb let alone a toilet or shower. Other homeowners are quite comfortable replacing an existing fixture like a sink. Performing a complete remodel including redesigning existing plumbing or installing plumbing in a new bathroom is a vastly higher level of experience. You must consider your limitations when embarking on any project and weigh the risk of errors. Especially when you consider plumbing, err on the side of caution.


Plumbing costs extend beyond parts and labor. Many plumbing projects require special tools. When you replace plumbing with the wrong equipment you are likely to cause damage to the new plumbing installation and exacerbate the problem. Account for the cost and knowledge of how to use these tools.

Know when to call professionals

If you honestly assess your level of experience and access to proper tools, many homeowners understand why hiring a professional is the best choice for your plumbing job. Don’t wait until you are in the middle of a project before calling on professional plumbing services. Highly skilled and properly equipped plumbers know the exact plumbing materials, techniques and especially local codes to repair or install plumbing.

Consult with Professionals During Planning

Emergency plumbing repairs are obviously outliers. When you need a plumber immediately you do not have time to form a plan. New construction projects including whole house plumbing, remodeling bathrooms and kitchens, or re-plumbing existing pipes afford the time to plan. Consulting with professional plumbers early in the process can help you save money and avoid issues.


Plumbing companies with master plumbers provide complete inspections of existing systems. You can work with plumbing contractors to plan your project and gain insight into possible issues before they arise.

Balancing Budget Versus Design

Engaging with a contractor early on helps you form a smart budget. Once you understand your plumbing costs, you can balance the rest of your material costs, like choosing fixtures and finishes.

Using the Right Materials

A plumbing inspection helps you know when copper piping, PEX piping and other materials are appropriate. This is valuable information for homeowners and aligns with the long-term goals of improving and protecting your property.

Common Costs to Put in Plumbing

The labor costs for all plumbing can vary due to the design and existing plumbing. When you contact Redman Services we offer clear and accurate estimates of our work prior to starting any project. This lets you make an informed decision.


Most faucets are affordable fixtures. Every home project is unique so the price of the faucet will vary greatly based on what fixtures you use. Installation costs are minimal ranging from 1-2 hours for most faucet repairs.


Like faucets, the fixture is often the most variable cost. When a new toilet is installed, the labor may range a bit lower than a replacement. Replacing a toilet sometimes requires additional plumbing but most installations are 1-2 hours.


Removing an old sink adds labor costs to sink replacement. Some designs will impact labor. Most sink installation or replacement projects can be performed in 2-4 hours.

Showers and Tubs

There are many variables when installing new showers and tubs. Obviously, material costs are considered. Pipes and drain lines must be considered during these projects. Therefore the labor will range widely depending on direct replacement, new designs and the structure of your home. For this type of project, you should always contact our team as early as possible.


Installing pipes, replacing old pipes and remodeling piping within your home should always be entrusted to professionals. Our team provides consultation with homeowners before starting any repair or new installation. The average cost for pipe work is 1-2 hours per linear foot. These labor costs are greatly reduced in new construction and may increase in remodeling or repair projects.

When to Contact Redman Services

Contacting Redman Services as early in your planning stage as possible is vital to a successful plumbing project. While lovely new countertops and shining fixtures appeal to every homeowner, plumbing is essential to the health of your family and the stability of your home. Controlling water safely within our homes transformed how we live and should never be taken for granted. Contact our team when you need to know the cost of plumbing in your home.