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How to Prevent Clogged Drains in Your Home

Drain clogs don’t only cause water to back up and splash on your floors, they are also gross and sometimes hard to remove. Commercial products help, but if your clog is too big, then you’ll need to call Redman Services for help. But it’s best to avoid emergency clog calls by learning how to prevent clogged drains in your home in the first place. With a few simple tips and products, you won’t feel like you’re flushing money away anymore.

Redman Services, your home service hero, identified some of the most common areas for clogs to occur. Follow our tips and product recommendations to keep your drains clear of clogs for good. 

In the Kitchen

A kitchen sink is commonplace for clogs to occur. They often happen while someone is doing dishes. Garbage disposals are great, but if they’re not used correctly, a clog could cause some damage. 

  • Although it’s convenient to put food scraps down the garbage disposal, this could cause a clog. It’s best to throw food scraps away or compost them. Be sure to follow your garbage disposal manual to make sure you’re only disposing of the right kinds of foods. Eggshells, potato skins and other vegetable peelings, and corn husks are just some of the things that can clog up your disposal.
  • Pour liquid grease into a sealed container. Let the grease cool and then throw the grease away. Grease can cause clogs. It’s a good idea to pour boiling hot water down the drain once a week to melt away grease and fat. 
  • Always run water when running your garbage disposal. The flow of water naturally carries away waste through the drainage system.
  • Never pour paint, grout, or joint compound down a drain

In the Bathroom

Bathroom sinks collect hair, soap, and spit. No wonder they’re clogged all the time! Keeping your sink clean is a good first step to preventing clogged drains. If you ever feel sick and can’t make it to the toilet, it’s a much better idea to be sick in a trashcan rather than a bathroom sink. 

Toilet clogs can cause panic. These clogs are the most likely to overflow. If not taken care of, an overflowing toilet can cause water damage. Be sure to only flush toilet paper down the toilet. The following tips cover all drains in the bathroom. 

  • To keep hair and soap scum out of drains, be sure to install a shower drain hair catcher or mesh screen. This will allow water to drain while preventing hair from clogging up the drain. Be sure to remove the air after every use.
  • Brushing your hair before you shower can remove loose hairs before you get in the shower to prevent clogs.
  • If you are going to wash the dog in the shower, put a washcloth over the drain. Dogs shed a lot more than people. The washcloth will be a much more effective hair catcher.
  • Don’t use the toilet as a trashcan. Only dispose of toilet paper in the toilet. Floss, tissues, Q-tips, and feminine hygiene products are all common causes of toilet clogs. 
  • Always have a plunger handy in case of a clog. A good plunger can also work on backed-up sinks. 
  • Install pop-up stoppers on bathroom sinks. This attachment snags hair, floss, and other icky stuff before it sneaks down your drains. Be sure to clean your pop-up stopper regularly to prevent buildup. 

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