Fort Wayne Air Conditioning Tune Up

Benefits of Routine Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

When you have your air conditioner maintenance service performed annually, you’ll notice a number of great benefits following the service. Some of these benefits are:

Extends the Life of Your Cooling System

Replacing your AC unit is expensive, and you probably do not want to do this until you have to. If you want to get as many years of use out of your AC system as you can, you need to invest in routine maintenance. By tuning up your air conditioning unit you can reduce the wear and tear on its internal components. This will add valuable years of life to your air conditioner, meaning that it can last longer before you have to replace it.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Even if you feel like your air conditioning system is working well, there might still be ways to make it more efficient. For example, you might need to top off a few of the fluids. Or, you might need to change your air filters. These little changes can make a big difference in how much energy your air conditioning consumes to cool your home. When your air conditioner is more efficient, you’ll save money on cooling costs. 

Reduce the Frequency of Repairs

It is always better to prevent repairs from happening rather than experience a major breakdown. If you want to reduce the frequency of repairs, it is important to get your system tuned up. During your air conditioning maintenance check, your HVAC technician can make the necessary air conditioning repair services before they become big problems. Spending a little money on air conditioning maintenance now is better than spending lots of money on air conditioning repairs later. 

Better Indoor Air Quality

You might not realize just how much work your air conditioning system does. It removes dust, dander, pollen, and other particles from the air. There are filters that are responsible for trapping these particles and keeping them from circulating in the air, but the filters can get clogged over time. During your air conditioning maintenance, your service technician will clean your unit and replace your air filter, which can help improve the indoor air quality in your home. 

Improved Comfort in Your Home

If you find that your AC unit is having a hard time keeping your home at the set temperature consistently in every room, it might be time to schedule air conditioning services. By investing in routine air conditioning maintenance, you can make sure that your air conditioning unit is working as well as possible. An air conditioning maintenance appointment can help restore your home to the right temperature, and better fight humidity.

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How Often Do You Need Air Conditioning Maintenance Services?

In general, you need to get your air conditioner checked at least once per year. Ideally, you should do this during the spring. Spring is the perfect time for air conditioning services in Fort Wayne because if your technician finds that your need a part of a major repair, or a new air conditioning system installed, being without air conditioning until the new equipment arrives is much more reasonable in the spring than in the middle of the summer.

However, most homes in Fort Wayne, IN rely on air conditioning systems to cool their homes, and our maintenance calendars fill up fast. The sooner your schedule air conditioning services with Redman Services, the sooner we’ll be able to service your air conditioner.

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Never Miss a Tune Up Again When You Enroll in the Hero Membership Plan

Redman Services understands that you have a busy life and air conditioner maintenance service might not be your highest priority. That’s why we created the Hero Membership Plan to help our Fort Wayne customers maintain their air conditioning systems as easily as possible. We’ll contact you and schedule air conditioning services around your busy schedule so you’ll never miss an appointment. Other benefits of the hero membership plan include:

  • 2 HVAC tune up visits a year
  • 1 plumbing visit
  • 10% discount on repairs
  • Credits to be used towards a new water heater, water softener, or HVAC equipment
  • Discounts on service calls
  • and more!

Contact Redman Services to sign up for the hero membership plan today!

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Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance With Redman Services in Fort Wayne, IN

If you want to get as many years of use out of your AC system as possible, you need to take care of it. At Redman Services, we would be happy to help you take care of your routine air conditioner maintenance. Don’t forget to schedule your appointment this year and contact Redman Services today to schedule your appointment and help prepare your air conditioner for the summer.

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