Furnace Installation in Huntington, IN

Signs of a Furnace Replacement

The difference between a furnace repair and a furnace replacement often depends on how quickly you notice signs of potential danger. If something about your furnace’s performance seems lacking, have it looked at right away. Oftentimes, a simple repair is all you need to restore your furnace to peak performance conditioner. To avoid issues from developing, have your furnace tuned up on an annual basis.  Often we are able to repair minor issues during your routine maintenance appointment. 


If you notice unusual sounds when your furnace is running you should immediately turn off the system. Keep your ears open for buzzing, banging, scraping, or screeching sounds. Our professional technicians are thoroughly trained and exceptionally experienced at finding the offending component. If caught early, we may repair the issue instead of replacing the entire furnace. When moving components break, catastrophic damage may ensue. Fan blades, pulleys, and other parts may damage the heat exchanger or other vital parts. 


Any odor from air vents or furnaces is an immediate sign to take action. Cracks in gas components, worn belts, and compromised electrical parts may emit foul scents. Like any unusual sights and sounds, quick action is key to preventing disaster. Shutting down your furnace and calling professional HVAC services protects your home and family from danger.


Weak airflow can be as simple as a dirty air filter or clogged ventilation system. If your ducts and filter are clean, poor airflow is a sign of a failing furnace. As furnaces age, the fan motor and other components lose power and efficiency. Uneven heating throughout your home and cold spots are other performance issues to be aware of in older furnaces. If you suspect performance issues, professional technicians can test and diagnose the overall health of your heating system. Replacing a failing furnace before it breaks down during a brutal winter storm can save you the stress and worry of an emergency replacement. 

Energy Usage

If you notice a sudden spike in energy bills without a chance in usage then your furnace may be the culprit. Dirty, worn, and aging parts will strain furnaces. Under duress, furnaces consume far more energy to warm your home. Comparing your monthly utility bill usage to the prior year is a smart way to measure the health of your furnace.


All things eventually pass including the most durable furnaces. While our expert maintenance and repair services help many furnaces running for a decade or longer, older furnaces will ultimately break down. If your furnace is older than 10 years, investing in annual inspections will keep you informed about the condition of your furnace. Planning for a new furnace installation allows you to select the best furnace to suit your needs and schedule installation according to your schedule.

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What to Expect in a New Furnace

Redman Services takes time to identify the ideal furnace to suit your home. Whether you are replacing an older furnace or building a new home, advancements in technology mean a new furnace is far more energy efficient and provides consistent warmth compared to older designs. When you call on Redman Services your Home Service Hero will guide you through every step of selecting the best furnace. 

Types of Furnaces

There are three primary furnace designs for homeowners. Each option has benefits that our team can explain. The most common designs include:

    • Single Stage Heat is a conventional design featuring one flame and a familiar heating cycle. The furnace turns on to heat your home then shuts down. These designs are very easy to maintain and durable. 
    • Two Stage Heat offers a more energy-efficient dual flame design. These systems run more continuously with a small flame warming during milder temperatures and a large flame powering heat during the coldest days. Many of these systems are quieter than single stage heat but are more expensive.
    • Multi-Stage Heat modulates the size of the flame to provide consistent comfort throughout your home. These systems continuously circulate air throughout your home running efficiently and quietly compared to other designs. 


Our team carefully balances power, longevity, energy efficiency, and cost when advising the best size of furnace to suit your needs. Every home and household has unique requirements. The furnace must mount into your home and provide even comfort for many years. Redman uses state-of-the-art technology, extensive training from our furnace manufacturers, and knowledge of the demands of Huntington weather to match the right furnace to your home.

Your Household

Redman Services listens carefully to each customer. When Huntington, IN homeowners have special requests, so we work with them to find the best heating solutions. For instance, many Hoosiers experience allergies, asthma, dry skin, and other issues from poor indoor air quality. Many new furnaces offer comfort features to combat such issues. Redman services offer a wide range of affordable add-ons like whole-house humidity control, air purification systems, and air cleaners. 

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Financing From Redman Services Makes A Home Comfort System Affordable

A new furnace is a major investment in your home. Redman Services works with you to find the most economical and longest-lasting furnace for your needs. We offer financing options on new furnaces through Optimus. Just because you can’t afford to pay for an entire furnace upfront doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have a comfortable home. Redman Services can work with you to make sure that a new HVAC system is affordable.

Once you have a new furnace at your home, in order to get the most out of your investment, you need to maintain your new appliance to keep it working properly. The Redman Hero Club can help protect your furnace for years to come. Our complete maintenance program includes regular maintenance, exclusive promotions, and special discounts on all home services including heating, cooling, and plumbing.

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Contact Redman Services for Furnace Installation in Huntington, IN

Whether you are replacing or installing a new furnace in Huntington, Indiana the team at Redman Services is ready to help. We respond promptly to every call and quickly act to restore comfort and safety to your home. Focused on the fundamentals of great customer service, your Home Service Hero provides honest, quick, and customized solutions to suit your needs. Call Redman Services today to make an appointment about having a new furnace installed in your home. 

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