Furnace Tune-Up in Huntington, IN

The Best Time to Schedule Furnace Tune-Up

Early fall is the ideal time to schedule a furnace tune up in Huntington, Indiana. As summer temperatures fade, our team can perform a complete tune up of your furnace before the first start of the season. Dirt and debris may collect around and within your furnace during the spring and summer. Cleaning the unit, inspecting, testing and calibrating all components prepares your furnace to handle the cold.

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What is Included in a Furnace Tune-Up

Winters in the Huntington area are unique so having a local team of experts maintain your furnace is a smart choice. Our certified technicians have years of experience and training on all major manufacturers. We know the common issues to address for our region as well as following the recommendations of the furnace manufacturer. Some of the most important parts of furnace tune up include:

  • Check and replace filters
  • Inspect fuel lines, wires, connectors for signs of wear 
  • Inspect, clean and adjust all components
  • Calibration of thermostat
  • Test of HVAC operations
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Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

When you schedule with Redman Services, you gain peace of mind. Every time our technicians perform a tune up on your furnace, the risk of repair decreases. A well maintained system runs smoothly, cleanly and dependably far longer than other furnaces. Some key benefits to consider beyond peace of mind are:

Better Air Quality

Cleaning the HVAC system, changing air filters and calibrating the furnace to run efficiently improves air quality within your home. This is especially important for households during the cold and flu season. A clean system also reduces the effects of allergens, airborne bacteria, pet dander and dust cycling through your home.

Reduced Energy Usage

A professional tune up on your furnace helps the furnace run more efficiently. Fixing issues with the thermostat, internal components and even vents can quickly improve your energy usage. Efficient furnaces do not have to run as long or as frequently to heat your home. This often means a tune up of your furnace lowers your energy bills.

Lower Risk of Breakdowns

There are many components within your furnace and HVAC system that may require repair. During a tune-up our technicians look out for warning signs of potential issues. Tune up may prevent major repairs and potential breakdowns by discovering minor repairs or adjustments. Discovering issues early in the fall lowers the risk of emergency repairs when extreme cold hits Huntington, Indiana.  

Improved Comfort

Furnaces lose efficiency and performance as they age. Cold spots, uneven heating and longer run cycles are common signs a furnace could benefit from a tune up. Our team is focused on creating the most comfortable experience possible within your home. A properly running furnace improves the comfort throughout your home.

Longer Lifespan of Furnace

The most important impact of maintaining your furnace is getting the most from your furnace. One of the most expensive household appliances is the furnace. Making sure your system is properly maintained helps your furnace run as long as possible. Tune ups are relatively inexpensive especially when they add years of life to your furnace.

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Redman Hero Club

Redman makes maintenance of your HVAC system simple with our Redman Hero Club. This monthly membership program includes bi-annual tune up of your furnace and air conditioner, discounts, priority scheduling and much more. Maybe the best feature of this program is that we do the scheduling for you. We remind you when we are coming to perform maintenance so you never miss an appointment.

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Call Redman for Furnace Tune Ups in Huntington, IN

Redman is your hometown hero for all services including furnace tune ups, repair and installations. Our team is dedicated to improving efficiency, preventing surprise repairs and providing peace of mind for your family. You can contact us anytime to schedule your next furnace tune-up or ask any questions you may have about your system.

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