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Signs You Need to Replace Your Toilet

Redman Services Vs. the Evil Toilet

Some plumbers claim that toilets can last 50 years or more. And why shouldn’t they be able to live that long? They’re a solid ceramic piece with very few moving parts that could potentially break. But over time, toilets will develop issues and will need to be replaced. Redman Services can inspect and help you determine when to replace a toilet if it’s giving you issues.

Columbia City has trusted Redman for all of its heating, cooling, and plumbing problems for almost 75 years. Our team of experienced plumbers has seen its fair share of toilet problems in their day. So if you’re considering replacing your old toilet, talk to Redman.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Toilet

In our most recent blog, Redman Services explains some common signs it’s time for toilet replacement.


Almost all toilets are made of solid porcelain, so cracks should be very obvious. Cracks in the toilet bowl may cause leaks. If you notice cracks in the bowl, check the floor for any dampness or any signs of water damage. Stop using the toilet right away because it is leaking. Not only could a toilet leak water, but it can also leak sewage water back into your house, which could cause major health issues.

Cracks in the toilet lid are fairly common, and lids can be easily replaced. The cracks in the bowl of the toilet are the ones that are important to look out for. 

Excessive Clogging or Trouble Flushing

If you have to keep a plunger next to your toilet because it clogs frequently, then you might want to get your toilet checked out by a plumber. Clogged toilets should not be a regular occurrence. If your toilet has trouble flushing, look at the water levels in the tank. If you notice that the water in your toilet is exceptionally low, then you better call a plumber.

Low water levels in toilets can be a sign that you have clogged pipes, and water cannot effectively fill the toilet. Faulty parts can also be a cause of flushing issues. If you see any rust or corrosion inside your toilet, that means your parts have worn out and need to be replaced. 

Constantly Running

When your toilet is running constantly, not only will you hear it, you’ll feel it in your wallet. A constantly running toilet wastes water, and you’ll see it reflected in your water bill. You can replace the internal parts of the toilet to prevent this from continuing, but a brand new toilet will ensure the running water will stop for good. 


A good indicator that you may need a new toilet is if it wobbles a lot every time you sit on it. Your toilet is attached to the floor with bolts. These bolts may just need to be tightened. However, sometimes the floor the bolts are attached to has become rotten, and you’ll want to replace your broken toilet and your bathroom floor right away.

It’s Old

In 1992, The Environmental Protection Agency created the Energy Policy Act. The EPA realized how much water was being wasted by conventional toilets and decided to regulate toilets to only use 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This was 54% less water than common toilets were using at the time.

If your toilet is about to turn 20 years old or older, then it’s time to upgrade to a water-efficient toilet. It’s an easy way to conserve water and help the environment. Although it may be an initial investment up front, you’ll notice the water savings right away. 

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Toilet problems are no laughing matter for Redman. Call us today to check out your toilet issues, and we’ll give you an assessment to let you know when to replace your toilet. A new efficient toilet could help you save money and water! Call us today to learn more.