Why Heat Pumps Are Being Used in More Homes

If you have talked to neighbors or chatted with friends about new heating and cooling equipment recently you have heard the term heat pump. These unique systems intrigue many homeowners for a number of benefits and features. The two primary reasons heat pumps are the buzzy term in HVAC is they are electric which produces no direct emissions and they can replace many conventional furnaces and air conditioners. To discover whether a heat pump fits your home and lifestyle, let’s consider all of the benefits.

Heat Pumps Run on Electricity

The home service heroes at Redman Services aim to empower homeowners about the best options for protecting your property and providing comfort to your home. Air conditioning and furnaces are a major source of energy use for homeowners. Regular maintenance of heating and cooling systems helps these appliances run efficiently, but many homeowners and businesses are looking for alternatives. One of the most energy-efficient systems available throughout Fort Wayne and the surrounding area is air source heat pumps. Many homeowners see a savings of hundreds of dollars per year when switching to a heat pump.

Learning more about how heat pumps operate provides insights into why many homeowners are intrigued by these systems. In many circumstances heat pumps are considered clean energy because they do not produce direct carbon emissions. This means many municipalities and governments offer incentives, tax credits and rebates when installing a heat pump. The benefits go beyond just saving money on utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Heat Pumps Improve Indoor Air Quality

Conventional heating systems often produce dry air. Common side effects of itchy skin, dry noses and scratchy throats are all related to low humidity levels. The primary difference between conventional furnaces and heat pumps is the source of energy. While a furnace burns natural gas or propane and transfers the energy to the air in your home, a heat pump does not produce heat. Instead, heat pumps transfer energy from the air outside of your home and release heat into your home. Using electricity to transfer heat and distribute throughout your home means heat pumps are extraordinarily energy efficient. Because they do not produce direct carbon emissions like burning natural gas or propane, the indoor air quality of heat pumps is very comfortable. Humidity levels are comfortable and allergens and other irritants are removed by your air filter.

Heat Pumps Provide Dual Temperature Comfort

Heat pumps operate in two modes. During the heating as we have discussed so far, heat pumps transfer heat into your home. In cooling mode, heat pumps remove the heat from within your house and transfer it to the outdoor unit.

Does this mean a heat pump can replace an air conditioner and furnace? Not necessarily. In many areas of the country heat pumps have replaced many dual systems. In our region around Fort Wayne, many homes use a hybrid system. A heat pump provides the vast majority of heating and cooling throughout the year. On the most extreme cold days, furnaces provide supplemental warmth.

When you contact Redman Services, we carefully evaluate your home to determine the best system to fit your needs. Our team takes the time to listen to the goals of your family and build a solution to meet your or even exceed your expectations.

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Professional maintenance in the spring and fall inspects the condition of your heat pumps and ensures the system is ready to handle the upcoming season. With proper tune ups heat pumps operate efficiently for many years. Even though heat pumps provide year round comfort, the appliances are highly durable requiring fewer repairs than many other heating and cooling systems.

Does a Heat Pump Require Additional Installation?

Every home is unique so contacting the professionals at Redman Services will answer this question. Most heat pump systems installations are similar to conventional air conditioning systems or furnaces. The outdoor unit requires professional installation including connecting the system to your home’s electrical system. Hybrid systems incorporate your existing furnace to circulate air throughout your home. Complete conversions use an air handler that looks very similar to traditional furnace housing.

Learn More By Contacting Redman Services

When homeowners and businesses switch to geothermal heating and cooling systems in Fort Wayne, they enjoy the expertise of Redman Services. As a full-service heating, cooling and plumbing company, Redman Services delivers expert geothermal installation services throughout Fort Wayne and the surrounding area. Contact our team to explore how a geothermal heat pump can improve your property.